Committed to Patient-Centered Care

This spring, Diagnostic Imaging Northwest, a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) designee, is launching a new program that will raise the bar for the standard of care for women’s imaging in our community–it’s called Pathways to Care. Our goal through this program is to administer exceptional patient-centered care by providing a personalized consultation with our Nurse Practitioner following breast biopsy in order to ensure a clear pathway to the next steps in care.

The Pathways to Care program is available to all post-biopsy patients of Diagnostic Imaging Northwest. We strive to have all patients be seen in a timely manner by our Nurse Practitioner who will provide a comprehensive review of the biopsy results, care coordination, reassurance and support to women and their families through an in-person consultation.

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Meet the new Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Witte, ARNP has years of experience as a healthcare provider in women’s health and will play a vital role in this new program. As the Pathways to Care Nurse Practitioner, she is the main point of contact for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, women with breast health concerns and their primary care providers.

The Pathways to Care Program will offer patients custom services including
  • Comprehensive review of biopsy results with our ARNP
  • Post-biopsy wound checks and care
  • Customized resources, information, and appointments for next steps of care
  • Transition to follow-up care
Additional services offered though the Pathways to Care Program include

For more information about Pathways to Care, please contact (253) 320-0118.

*Non-insured patients should contact our Financial Counselors immediately to discuss financial options. Ask to speak to one of our Financial Counselors when you call to schedule your appointment (253) 841-4353.

3D Mammography

Diagnostic Imaging is proud to announce the addition of 3D Mammography and 3D Stereotactic Breast Biopsy to its full range of women’s imaging services. Implementing this powerful technology will ensure that our commitment to a heightened standard of care holds steadfast.

3D Mammography, or Tomosynthesis, surpasses traditional 2D mammography by providing radiologists with a 3D view of breast tissue, similar to looking at pages in a book. Studies have demonstrated a 10% – 30% increase in overall breast cancer detection (over 2D imaging alone); reducing the percentage of callbacks for additional screening by 30%, helping to eliminate a cause of great distress and anxiety in patients.

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Credentials You Can Trust

Diagnostic Imaging Northwest is a fully accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR only grants this gold seal of accreditation when a breast center provides patients the highest level of image quality and patient safety in Mammography, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Breast Ultrasound and Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy.